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Holiday Donation Drive

Star Liquors has teamed up with KIQX RADIO 101 Durango - 101.3fm for this year's Holiday Donation Drive and has selected LPP to be the recipient! We are honored to be part of their special event this weekend and throughout the entire month of December!

Join us THIS SATURDAY, Dec. 5th from 11am-3pm at Star Liquors! Stop by during the live broadcast and pick up your favorite beverage from their wide selection. We will be collecting Science Diet dog or puppy food (available at Creature Comforts), treats, toys, fleece blankets and bleach wipes. Medical funds are being accepted as well. Can’t stop by? Tune in to Radio 101, KIUP, KKDC, KRSJ/KRDS to learn more about LPP.

Lisa Parker's Puppies is a foster-based dog rescue in Durango, CO.

Our Mission:
Lisa Parker's Puppies strives to rescue, foster and find permanent loving homes for abandoned dogs and puppies in La Plata County and the rural Four Corners. The overriding principals of the organization are 1) to educate the public on the importance of spay and neutering, and 2) educate pet owners on the proper stewardship and teaching of animals.

Lisa Parker's Puppies (LPP) is a local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Lisa, with the support of her husband, Eric, officially launched LPP in the spring of 2014 after taking in a litter of 6 day old bottle-feeding puppies. Since that day, LPP has developed a diverse team of foster homes and volunteers who, along with our community partners, create a network of opportunity for dogs in need. LPP also works closely with local and regional humane societies, Dogster and similar organizations to rescue, transport, care for and re-home dogs and puppies in need in the surrounding areas. The rescue work never stops!

Finding Forever Homes For Rescued Dogs
Saving more lives with our partners:
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